Wonders Never Cease - A Review

Wonders Never Cease

I was sent a copy of the book to review, all opinions and affiliate links are my own.

Booksneeze sent me the book Wonders Never Cease by Tim Downs to read and review ages ago.  Frankly, it has taken me so long to write the review because I didn't really like it though I really wanted to. 

The premise was this:  a cocky nurse named Kemp gets into cahoots with a famous actresses' agent and a dodgy publisher.  The plan was for the nurse to pretend to be an angel telling secrets of the heavenlies to the actress while she was in a coma.  Then, when she came to, she would make a fortune on a book deal of what was told to her; thereby giving all three men a nice chunk of the profits.

It seemed like it could have some promise but once you add in the fact that Kemp's girlfriend and daughter actually take a lot of the focus away from him, the situations are too ridiculous yet are treated seriously, there are too many side plots, and it was unbelievably predictable, it was just all too messy for me. 

I guess I wanted redemption for Kemp and I wanted better character development all around and I wanted the whole feel of the book to be either darker or lighter instead of the mediocre limbo tone it had throughout. 

So...I have to say that I would not recommend this book (sorry, I like recommending stuff way more than recommending against it) based on just the sheer lack of clarity and enthusiasm in the writing.