Perfectly Practical #40 - Thank You Notes

During the busy holiday season where every day is taken up with parties and programs and services and gatherings, one part of Christmas kind of gets Scarlett O'Hara-ed (you know "...tomorrow's another day"). 

One of the simplest and highest impact deeds you can do is jot down a thank you note.  It let's the giver know that you appreciate their thought and in turn, keeps you in a "blessable place". 

On a very practical level, if you get a gift via post, it lets the sender know that you have received it.  For example, one of my Momma's friends mentioned to her that she had not received a thank you note from Engineer and me for our wedding present she had sent to us.  Engineer and I kept on top of all note writing.  My Momma knew that and was confident in telling her friend that something must have gone awry and in fact it had; the store lost the order and therefore never sent it us. 

When Diva was just beginning to learn how to write, I bought some form note cards for her that went something like this:

Dear ________,
Thank you for the _______.  I like it very much.
It was an age appropriate way to get her used to writing thank yous.  Even now, we use a similar formula in her handwritten notes.

It is wise to write notes as soon as you get something instead of waiting for a good amount of time to sit down and write several at once.  It's a lot easier to find 5 minutes for 1 note than it is to find 30 minutes for 6.

Givers give because they want to, not because they expect something in return; but, it is only right to return the favor and show appreciation in the smallest of ways - a little note.