New Year's...

Resolutions uh, Family Goals.  We don't really do resolutions since they are so...resolute and all.  Family Goals give us something to strive for all year long.

Before the first week of January is finished, we thought we would let you in on our family goals for the year.  Y'all are great accountability partners you know. 

Here are mine:

Read at least 6 books - one of which being the Bible in its entirety
Lose 5 lbs.
Become a Boys & Girls Club Mentor (Went through training and started actually mentoring in January.)
Learn to Knit (Started learning in January and will continue learning throughout the year.  I'm loving it!)
Stay on top of blog posts (So far, so good)
Be more of a yes person to my family
Continue on the culling of the cookbooks and other random books in the house
Work on keeping my nails nice (I am a nail bitter)

And as for the Family (these are the biggies):

Go to Engineer's Graduation
Get completely out of debt except for the house
Fully fund our emergency fund
Have regular game nights
Pay for Diva's braces outright (Done!)
Bankroll Engineer's school (Done!)


  1. Those sound like great family goals. Good luck with them!


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