Menu Plan Monday

This weekend I had my Ladies-Wot-Brunch over and we had:

Vintner Spice Coffee
Yam Muffins

Spiced Fruit
Maple Basted Bacon
Scrambled Garden Eggs
Bitter Green Salad with Citrus & Parmesan
Warm Fudge Filled Cheesecake

Everything got a plus rating and the cheesecake got the comment that it was the best one ever...of course they say that nearly every time.

Okay y'all.  Seriously.  We are at crisis point with the amount of stuff shoved in my fridge and freezers.

This week I will be trying to at least attempt to clear out some space in my inside freezer space.  What will be my saving grace this week is that our CSA is in a growth period and I won't be getting lots of veggies for the next two weeks.  That means all those veggies that I have been putting back for the last few weeks will have to be taken out, thawed, and consumed. 

Here's what we will be eating out of the freezer this week:

Beef Stronganoff over Whole Wheat Noodles and Raw Veggie Sticks
Beans and Greens w/ Cornbread
Almond-Topped Crab Quiche & Turnip Supreme
Chicken Soup & Rolls
Chicken-Broccoli Casserole and Spinach

Southern Living 1979 : Annual Recipes

Recipes in bold will be used from the 1979 Southern Living Annual Recipes Cookbook.

Thanks to Organizing Junkie for keeping me on track with Menu Plan Monday.