Menu Plan Monday

Howdy y'all!  Happy Monday to you!

We celebrated my baby brother's 30th birthday last night.  >Sniff<  That makes me feel old.

This past week we had snow which is something we don't get a whole lot of in Texas - imagine that.  So Diva had an unexpected holiday last Monday whereby she got to romp in the snow.  That is precious time; being a kid and carefree and just playing and laughing and rolling down hills and freezing your tail off and coming inside for hot chocolate breaks only to go back out and do it all over again. 

And this week Diva, got the day off for MLK Day so we get to putter today too.  I think we should most definitely adopt the four day work week.

This week I am a little less Rachel Ray and a little more what-I-have-in-the-freezer/pantry.  By the way, I was not a huge fan of her chili recipe last week (sorry Rachel.)

Monday - Winter Greens Pizza & Salad
Tuesday - Chicken Gumbo (from the freezer) Greens, & Cornbread
Wednesday - Pumpernickel Apple Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
Thursday - Steak Frites & Salad
Friday - Date Night

This is part of Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday.


  1. Winter Greens Pizza? Oohh, would you share that recipe with another Texas gal? I'm in Austin. and am into my third week of playing MPM with you all. Loving it too! Thanks!! kat

  2. Always happy to help another Texan gal. :)
    Glad you're having fun playing with all of us at Menu Plan Monday! The recipe is from the 30 Minute Meals cookbook by Rachel Ray and I've added the link above. Enjoy!


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