Madly in Love Monday

I was sitting on the couch practicing my knitting the other night and the TV was on Food Network - nothing new there.  Engineer just happened to be walking through at the same time that one of those dating website commercials came on.  He got really tickled and proceeded to ask my if I remember our first date. 

I promptly questioned his motives thinking he was trying to lure me into a trap.  He said, "Where did I take you on our first date?  Was it Chili's in Rockwall?  When it almost burned down?" 

It was indeed Chili's in Rockwall, TX on the very night the kitchen caught on fire and the extractor fans had stopped working.  We both burst into laughter because you see, we were the last customers to leave the building that night. 

Even though the managers and wait staff kept gently asking people to go, we sat there.  Eating.  I can tell you as a 19 year old, out with a guy that I had been friends with for a while but not so sure that the relationship would go anywhere, I was not thrilled at the prospect of dying on a first date in a Chili's from smoke inhalation.

And at what point did Engineer leave the table?  That would be once the our waitress assured him that he would not be charged for the meal.  I'm pretty sure that he then asked for a to go box.  Some things never change.

1-4-3 EM!


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