2010 Wrap-Up

December 2010 found me going over budget but happily, it did not cause me to go over budget for the year.  Our budget started out the year as $400 per month for all food, groceries, toiletries, cleaners, gifts, going out to eat, and many times clothing for our family of three.  Once we bought a share in the CSA, it went down to $280 per month to account for the cost of the share. 

December Finals first:

Total Retail:  $1,547.32
Total OOP:  $337.25
Savings 79%

Yearly Finals:

Total Retail:  $21,470.19
Total OOP:  $4,132.64 (an average of $344.39 per month or $187.36 under budget for the year)
Savings 81% (or $17,337.55)

Not too shabby.  I would have loved to have compared this with last year but our computer crashed Christmas 2009 and I lost that year's worth of data.  We now have carbonite and hope to never have that pesky crashing problem again.

An interesting tidbit:  if I use Cricket at Thrifty Texas Penny's formula, I actually saved $24,729.70 ($1.43 for every $1) once the taxes, tithe, and fees are factored into my savings.  Unbelievable isn't it?!  I am constantly amazed with God's goodness.