Perfectly Practical #39 - Receiving Graciously

It may be more blessed to give rather than to receive, but let's not knock receiving.

A friend was talking about the billions of dollars spent on Christmas presents.  He pontificated on how that same amount could make drinkable water available worldwide.  Okay, I agree the gross excess that we revel in during the holidays is over the top but I don't believe the answer is to refuse Christmas presents.

When someone gives you a present, they want you to know that they are thinking about you or appreciate you or love you.  They took their time or money or both and obtained something just for you.  Why would I then belittle that effort with a grand song and dance about how it's too much, I don't need it, etc.?

You may not feel like you deserve a particular gift or any gift at all - but someone thought you did.  It's quite humbling really. 

Even if the gift is something you didn't want or need, the giver still had a heart for you.

The same thing applies to receiving compliments - accept them and thank the giver graciously.  To refuse gifts or brush off compliments means that your opinion I am not worthy trumps theirs you are worthy

We know that God loves a cheerful giver, but I truly believe that He also delights in a gracious receiver.