Madly in Love Monday

I am madly in love with my Engineer today because he lets me have a real Christmas tree much to his chagrin.  I love the smell and feel (yes prickles and all) of a real tree. 

Engineer would rather not have a real tree because he is the one who gets pricked in the face with needles while making sure the tree is straight in its stand.  Afterwards, he comes out from under the tree and sees the the tree is straight by my standards not his (read:  looks straightish rather than plumb line straight) and is somewhat annoyed by the askewness.
He also is the resident tree lighter which means that he has to ravel and unravel lights every year and again get pricked in every possible place while scooching the lights toward the trunk (where I like them.)  If we had a prelit tree, that would not be the case.

We could enjoy the tree longer with a silk tree.  We could put up the tree Thanksgiving weekend instead of waiting 2 weeks before Christmas since a fake tree would not be dried up and bare of aforementioned prickly needles after 5 weeks in our living room.

On top of all that, Engineer is the floor guy around here and has to be on overtime with the vacuuming around the tree.  
Then there are the occasional critters in the tree.  
Oh, and sap gets on stuff.

Okay, so no, it is not the most economical option.  
Nor is it in any way easier to deal with or cleaner or less time consuming than having a reusable tree but doggonit, I know what I like and I like a real tree.  
So thank you EM for enduring endless prickles and indulging me. 

1-4-3 EM!