Perfectly Practical #34 - Be Flexible

I have entertained a lot in the last week including a couple of unusual guests.

We love welcoming people into our home and we have a policy of apologizing once for the state of things (if we need to) and after that, you take us as you find us.  :)

Within that though, there is a need for great flexibility.  My nature is to be a list checkeroffer and that's not all that flexible.  So I have to find a way around it. 

For instance, I was planning a light ladies lunch for 3 for yesterday.  In less than 24 hours it had turned into a full blown sit down meal for 12.  No problem *insert slight eye twitch here*.  The menu was adjusted, the table leaves were added, and voila, 12 people were fed and we had a fabulous discussion about sustainability. 

I could have thrown a fit and stomped my feet and said absolutely not but then I would have missed out on an incredibly interesting afternoon.  Furthermore, a lot of people including myself would have missed a chance to be blessed by the wealth of information, experience, and knowledge sitting at my table.  I was just thrilled to be a part of it.

The point is, if you are flexible, you never know what kind of opportunities may come by you.

And those unusual guests?  One was a Superbowl Champion and one was this guy:

Guess which one startled me most.