Life at the Little Pink House

Yesterday I:

Made laundry detergent (more on that next Tuesday)

Made Marrow Pickles (which obviously were good enough the first time around to make them again)

Took Diva & Neighbor Boys to the radio station with me where I was scheduled to cut some commercials.  That was great fun and the Operations Manager was so nice.  He took us on a tour of the station and answered lots of questions.
Cleaned house (it was house cleaning day after all)
Made a Cranberry Swirl Cheesecake, Ratatouille, and a Spinach Frittata for Saturday's brunch
Washed the dogs (yes, I put them in the laundry basket to corral them for the picture)


Had a mystery shop for breakfast
I taught a coupon class (had some readers to attend - thanks for coming!)
Engineer, Diva, & Neighbor Boys went to Caddo Lake for the annual bird banding event. 
An ornithologist comes every year to band and track the birds in the area.  They all had a great time with this very hands on experience.  That's a picture of Diva with a Ruby Crowned Kinglet.

I hosted brunch for my girlfriends
Good friends were passing through Texas on their way back home to Mississippi and stopped in for a late lunch

...We are going to crash now and veg out...