Perfectly Practical #31 - Travel Bags

I've written before about what I do with all the free samples that come in the mail but what I failed to mention was that I always keep travel bags in a drawer stocked and ready to go at a moment's notice.

We have two cosmetic bags that are filled with all of the necessary toiletries for us to travel:  one for the three of us when traveling and one clear cosmetic bag filled with just Engineer's items. 

This way when we go anywhere as a family, all of our necessities are easily accessible and won't be forgotten; we just grab the bag and go.  Also, when Engineer has to go somewhere for business, all I have to do is grab the cosmetic bag that is just for him and throw it in his suitcase.  Voila!

Most if not all of those travel sized items came from signing up for freebies that come in the mail.  It's the ultimate in a perfectly practical twofer:  being prepared and frugal.

*NOTE*Just make sure that if hubby is helping you pack, let him know that there are TWO bags for when you travel and the one for family travel is NOT a clear cosmetic bag...thank goodness for hotel freebies....


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