Madly in Love Monday

I made no secret that I did not want to move back to the US.

I dug my very stylish heels into the soggy sod of England and was not relenting in my position; obviously, my broke. 

One of the most important things that I gave up was my business that I shared with my singing partner - we were called Bel Canto and always wore purple.  (Much like Shelby on Steel Magnolias, puhple wahs ah signahtuah cuhlah.) 

We not only sang together, but we also had a contract with the local school district to teach music in all of the primary schools.  It was the best job I could have ever imagined.

During our stint as a duo, we had the opportunity to perform with the Tiverton Town Band in my hometown. 

Fifty some-odd Brits roving all over East Texas was definitely a sight to see. 

At one of our concerts, the Marshall Mayor's office issued a proclamation that October 21st was Tiverton Town Band & Bel Canto Day and ever since we have celebrated Bel Canto Day.

This past week was October 21st and I am madly in love with my Engineer because he didn't forget the significance. 
He surprised me with purple flowers and said "Happy Bel Canto Day." 

I sort of melted a little...well, maybe a lot.

1-4-3 EM!