Did Y'all Notice...

the FREE Limeade Sparkler coupon from Taco Bell?  It was on the back cover of our Red Plum.  Diva, her friends, and I really enjoyed all of the FREE sparklers we had before.  The cherry one is really good.  Maybe if you use your coupons at Taco Bell, they won't look at me so funny every time (although after seeing them several days in a row last time, they did get used to it.)   :)


  1. We got those free coupons in our paper this week too!

    Last time, I totally forgot about them until after they'd expired. :( Taco Bell is within dog-walking distance (easily), but unfortunately, isn't open when I'm walking at 5 in the morning!

  2. At 5am I am not drinking anything but coffee!!! :) Maybe you could take Rover out for an afternoon constitutional and stop in for a limeade. :)


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