30-Day Giving Challenge

30-Day Giving Challenge

Last year, Kingdom First Mom posed a challenge to her readers to keep a journal and give in some fashion every day in November.  It was so successful that she has made it even bigger this year and enlisted the help of nine other bloggers to help facilitate a culture of giving.

One of our family goals for the year was to make gratitude more apparent - whatever form that took.  The 30-Day Challenge will help hold us accountable.  It will also be a creative challenge in that we will come up with 30 frugal and practical ways to give to family, friends, strangers, charities, etc.

So starting November 1st, my hope is to check in periodically and let you know what we have been up to and maybe give you ideas on what you could do if you choose to accept the challenge.

On the challenge website, there is a calendar download - which is great for me and all my list making. 

You can participate via Facebook, Twitter, your personal blog, or through the 30-Day Giving Challenge website.  Please let us know if you are going to take this on so we can be an encouragement to each other.

Can you imagine the example to our children if random intentional acts of giving happen for this period of time? 

Can you imagine the impact to our community if loads of us are selflessly giving to those around us for 30 days straight?

Can you imagine how it could shape the relationships in a youth group by them having to think outside their social bubble and together come up with ways to randomly bless others? 

There is so much potential there and I can't wait to get Engineer and Diva on board to brainstorm. 
Good luck with your mission if you choose to accept it...