Perfectly Practical #27 - Old Toothbrushes

When I get on a crazy scrubbing bender, old toothbrushes are the way to go.  They can reach all that grot around faucets, door handles, the inside of the coffeemaker, light switches, appliance knobs, and stove burners that you just can't quite get with a rag or sponge.

As for my wedding ring, after it starts to get dull due to being coated with muck, I just plug the sink (very important first step) and run some water in the basin and scrub my ring with the toothbrush.  It gets into all of the crevices and cleans out all that lotion or dead skin or any number of things that I get on my hands on a daily basis.

Let's not forget how great old toothbrushes are for cleaning grout.  A little baking soda and vinegar (or bleach if you are so inclined) and a toothbrush and you are on your way to sparklingly clean grout.

You can use them to clean underneath your fingernails or if you have unruly eyebrows, spray a little hairspray on a clean old toothbrush and slick down your eyebrows.  The same method could be used for fly aways on your head.

Use your old toothbrush on Fido's teeth.

Use the old toothbrush as a laundry brush to remove stains after spraying stain remover on the garment.

You can clean the tread of your shoes or the tiny hard to reach spaces in your car (air vents etc.) with a toothbrush. 

How about cleaning your hairbrush with a toothbrush?  Pull out excess hair from the brush then let it soak in some soapy water for a few minutes.  Scrub with the toothbrush and it will get the hair product build up out of your brush.

How about dusting down your keyboard or other electronics?

Or greasing up your bicycle chain or gun parts?

The point is, there is a lot of life left after the recommended 2 months of use from a toothbrush.

Maybe the next time you are replacing your toothbrushes, you will consider keeping a couple of them in your cleaning kit.

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  1. I buy toothbrushes in a 10 pack at the dollar store for cleaning. They're different from our "real" toothbrushes so we never get them confused when our 2yr old decides to clean with mommy. I also like that they come in different colors so I can have ones dedicated for laundry stains, grout, kitchen counters etc and not end up using a potty toothbrush on my clothes.

  2. A potty toothbrush used anywhere else in the house is a bad idea whereas color coding is a very good idea. Thanks for adding that tidbit of practicality Ms. Cricket. :)

  3. I never thought of cleaning my hairbrush with a toothbrush! Genius!

    1. The toothbrush can get down all the little rows in your hairbrush. Thanks for stopping by!


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