Menu Plan Monday

Last week got a little crazy so I didn't get to finish all of the recipes that I wanted to from the Today's Kitchen Cookbook.  I thought that I would try it again as well as incorporate recipes from another cookbook.  This time the Potatoes (Mini Cookshelf) will be in the spotlight.  Nothing really unusual is going on this week other than having company over for dinner twice and a school board of directors meeting.  What is unusual though is the temperature right now; it is all of 54F this morning in beautiful East Texas.  Brrr!
Y'all have a great week and hop on over to Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday for some more menu ideas.
Monday - Grilled Eggplant w/Feta & Mint, Fresh Corn Salad, and Potato, Rocket, & Apple Salad
Tuesday - (Neighbors over for dinner) Crock Pot Pizza, Green Salad, Garlic Bread
Wednesday - Broccoli & Potato Soup w/Cornbread
Thursday - Potato Omelette w/ Feta & Spinach and Greek Salad
Friday - (Date night) Potato Curry, Raita, and Naan Bread
Saturday - (Old Friend over for dinner) Thai Crab Cakes w/ Pickled Veggies, Filet of Beef w/Marcillac Wine Sauce, Asparagus, Steamed Baby Carrots, and some sort of make ahead dessert