Menu Plan Monday

I was torn this week.  I couldn't decide whether I needed to do a cook-from-the-pantry week or continue on my quest to weed out cookbooks.  The draw of the cookbooks are just too much for me. 

We loved the Taste of Texas Cookbook from last week.  I knew if it had Texas in the title it was going to be good.  This week, the Today's Kitchen Cookbook is on the chopping block.  
Last week Engineer and I had various engagements whereby we went out to eat waaaaaaay more than we ever do so this week he has requested that we eat mostly vegetarian.  Ask and you shall receive m'dear. 

Monday - Bean Tacos with Ensalada Mexicana
Tuesday - Black Eyed Peas, Mama's Collard Greens, and Corn Bread
Wednesday - Grilled Eggplant with Feta, Mint, & Chili and Fresh Corn Salad
Thursday - Crock Pot Pizza & Salad
Friday - Date Night
Saturday - Ladies Who Brunch (I'll let you know what kind of cheesecake we have later)  :)
This is part of Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday Food Fiesta.