Menu Plan Monday

We are in the final week of adding activities to our agenda.  That brings the grand total to tennis lessons, school for Engineer, math tutoring, piano lessons, guitar lessons, youth group, Boys & Girls Club choir, and dance class.  There was talk of adding one more thing but my eye started twitching so everyone backed off.  On top of the regularly scheduled program, this week also includes Music Club, a church hospitality committee luncheon, and a Marshall Symphony performance.  I think we are "full up"!
Last week's cookbook was surprisingly good.  Who knew that the men & women in the defense sector knew how to cook so well?!  It is a keeper.
This week we will be trying out the Taste of Texas Cookbook.  I am hopeful about this one.  Anything with Texas in the title has to be good.   :)

Monday - Black Beans w/Sausage & Rum and Cornbread
Tuesday - Eggplant Casserole & Salad (there is a lovely big eggplant in my garden just perfect for this)
Wednesday - Southwest's Best Lamburgers & Fries
Thursday - Hearty Beef Stew
Friday - Date Night 

As usual, good ol' Organizing Junkie holds me accountable by offering a platform on which to post our meal plan.