Menu Plan Monday

Welcome to another little piece of Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday parade.

Last week I was working out of the The Four Ingredient Cookbooks (2002 Revised Edition).  The concept of only using 4 ingredients is wonderful for newlyweds, college kids, or someone who just plain does know how (or doesn't like to) cook.  However, I faced two problems with this cookbook:  1.  I can't leave well enough alone so when the recipe only says to use only four ingredients I sit there and think "hmmm...but it would be so much better with a little of this and a little of that in it..." and 2.  the reason why you only have to use four ingredients is because you are using A LOT of processed foods.  Final verdict, this puppy is going to a new home and there is one less book on one of my cookery book shelves.  

This week I am amping up the clean out and using two books simultaneously On the Eating Edge and the 1958 edition of Better Homes and Gardens Salad Book.  The first book is a collection of recipes from TRW's Electronic and Defense sector employees; both were picked up at a garage sale.  I have mentioned before that I like cookbooks as social commentary and a link with the past.  These definitely fit that mold.  I love the tips and pictures in the salad book and the little personal messages and line drawings of the employees in the company cookbook.

A few more activities are added this week so now we are up to school two nights a week for Engineer, math tutoring, piano, guitar, and dance lessons, youth group, and Boys & Girls Club choir/junk band.  Until we can get our new schedule nailed down, we are going to be having fairly simple meals or meals that I can let do its thing during the day so it's ready by suppertime.

Monday - My Toot Toot Cajun Gumbo & Cornbread
Tuesday - Grilled Gouda & Apple Sandwiches with Fall Salad
Wednesday - Potato Casserole with French Green Salad
Thursday - Mama Gallo's Italian Spaghetti Sauce and Greens w/ Tomato Topper
Friday - Date Night


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