Madly in Love Monday

Engineer doesn't like to go to the movies. 
Let me rephrase that, he doesn't like to pay through the nose to watch a movie in the theatre. 
We are very fortunate here that our movie theatre charges a very reasonable price for a good quality theatre, but even then, he's not happy about it. 

Diva and I on the other hand love going to the movies. 
We hadn't been in a long time and had nothing on the agenda yesterday so we asked Engineer if he would take us to the pictures.
He resisted. 

Then he looked on the Kids in Mind website for an appropriate show and Rotten Tomatoes for a review.  And finally after both of his girls sat on his lap giving him big hugs and kisses while batting doe eyes at him and saying, "Pleeeeeeeeease", he relented. 
We went to the show.

I am madly in love with Engineer today because sometimes he does things he really doesn't want to make his girls happy.

1-4-3 EM!


  1. FYI~ Daingerfield has $1.50 shows. I don't know if that's worth the drive for you guys, but it might be a fun day trip just to get away sometime. And there's a Braum's just up the road in Mt. Pleasant, which I've heard is great ice cream.

  2. Wow, $1.50 shows! I might have a better chance at getting Engineer to take me to the movies if they were that cheap here. :) Braum's has pretty good limeade.


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