Madly in Love Monday

A new pizza place has just opened up in town and they have a buffet. buffet.... 

Saturday night, Engineer and I were discussing the new place and the reviews we had heard thus far and then we just started talking about all the pizza places we like.  
We are weird like that.  
Don't judge. 

We really like another pizza buffet in town and are skeptical that we will like this new place better (although we are always up for new places to try out.)  
I mentioned that the other place is my favorite pizza buffet and Engineer said it was in his top two.

Top two?  That made no sense to me.  
Then he said the word, "Spinner's." 

Many years and quite a few hairstyles ago, Engineer and I would eat at a little pizza buffet called Spinner's.  

That's where he fell in love with me.  No really, Engineer will swear on his favorite doughnuts that it was over REALLY cheap pizza that he fell madly in love with me.

It all started one Wednesday late afternoon...

I was a music major and as such almost never left the music building unless it was to eat, sleep, or no, that was pretty much it.  

My friends and I had a standing Wednesday date where we would go and have $2.99 pizza buffet at Spinner's.  

One fateful Wednesday saw all of my friends busy with other stuff (how rude) so there I was in the lobby of the music building with Engineer (he wasn't Engineer then, he was Physics-and-math-major-with-floppy-hair) so I just asked if he was hungry.  

He and I had mutual friends but didn't really know each other well although we had one thing in common - an affinity for cheap pizza.  

Needless to say, we hit it off and became friends.  

He joined the Wednesday night pizza gang and promises that after a few Wednesdays, he was head over heels.

So that my friends is why I am madly in love this Monday.  
Engineer still reminds me and gets mushy about our beginnings. 

1-4-3 EM!