I Love Me a Bargain!

My friend Doretha had her famous fabulous garage sale (brand new clothes with tags still on) over the weekend.  I thought I would let you in on what I picked up.  Plus, I haven't written a Frugal Fashionista post in a while.  I had picked up a few other bargains lately that I hadn't written about yet - unless noted, it came from Doretha.  I will have to have some of the pants hemmed since I am a shorty but at these prices, I can afford the seamstress.  Sorry for the grainy photos, they don't do the clothes justice.

Retail:  $128 (top from JC Penney)
OOP:  $6

Retail:  $141
OOP:  $7

Retail:  $370
OOP:  $7

Retail:  $115
OOP:  $5

Retail:  $276
OOP:  $7

Retail:  $166
OOP:  $5

Retail:  $72 (Spanx)
OOP:  $4

Retail:  $68 (Spanx)
OOP:  $2

Total Retail:  $1,336
Total OOP:  $43
Savings 97%


  1. How did you get the free magazines?

  2. The free magazines come from different sources. There is a website called The Freebie Blogger (thefreebieblogger.com) that I look at for a heads up on the available free stuff which often includes mags. Thanks for dropping by!


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