What's Cooking?

Oh my!  What's not cooking?

The last round of Sweet Pickles and Pickled Peach Preserves for the summer were made. 

I have continued on my quest for making a decent loaf of bread - still working on that one.

Mrs. Wilma's Muffins, Choco-Cran Muffins (these were her Mix & Match Muffins so I mixed in some cocoa in the batter and matched them up with some dried cranberries), Breakfast Cake, Giant Breakfast Cookies, Pumpkin Muffins (I left out the chocolate chips this time), and Banana Bread all are happily sitting in my freezer just waiting for my hungry family to demolish them at breakfast time. 

I have tried to get all of the breakfasts that we would require for the month (plus a little extra) prepared and ready to go.  Life is a little shaky at the beginning of school so I am trying to preempt any potential problems.

What have you been cooking?