Perfectly Practical #25 - Coke

A comment made by the Toy Lady (I really like her blog a lot by the way - you might want to check it out) last week about being glad Coke was good for something made me think what else it is good for.

Perfectly Practical Uses for Coke

Around the House

1.  Clean rust off of cast iron after it has soaked in Coke overnight
2.  Clean corroded car battery terminals by pouring over Coca-Cola
3.  Loosen a rusty bolt by soaking a rag in Coke then wrapping it around the bolt and leaving it for several hours
4.  Clean a burnt pan
5.  Make your photos or documents look antique by brushing Coke over them and leaving them to dry
6.  Clean grout
7.  Take fishy smells out of laundry
8.  Remove blood or oil stains from just about anything
9.  Remove limescale
10.  Remove carpet stains
11.  Remove grease, creosote, wine, or asphalt stains
12.  1 can Coke, 1 c. ammonia, and 1/4 c. dish soap spread over your lawn will keep bugs away
13.  Remove rust spots from car bumpers using tin foil dipped in Coke
14.  Clean your toilet by leaving Coke in the bowl for an hour then flush
15.  Get stains out of china
16.  Unclog your drain by pouring Coke down and leaving it 24 hours, then pour hot water down the drain
17.  Rid your garden of slugs by putting jar lids with Coke in them near the plants your slugs like

Health Benefits

1.  Drink warm flat Coke to fix tummy issues from colic, to constipation, to diarrhea
2.  Cure hiccups by swishing and gargling Coca-Cola in your mouth
3.  Pour Coke on your hair before washing to have beautifully separated curls
4.  Use it as a tanning lotion
5.  Lighten a dye job that is too dark
6.  Get gum out of hair
7.  Use it as regular lotion
8.  Relieve cold symptoms by making a tea with ginger and Coke
9.  Relieve congestion by drinking hot Coke
10.  Hair conditioner

Culinary Uses

1.  Drink it
2.  Make a glaze for or boil a ham in it
3.  Make Coke Salad (a staple in the south)
4.  Make Coke Cake
5.  Use Coke with a cake mix instead of oil & eggs
6.  Make BBQ sauce with Coke & ketchup
7.  Good old fashioned Coke Float (or my favorite, Frosted Coke)

Had you any idea?!
This is part of WfMW.


  1. OK, I've got to know - WHAT is a Coke salad? Up here in New York, we've never heard of such a thing!

    (Also, thanks for the kind words!)

  2. My favorite is making a Coke Icee using my sorbet maker. $.25 each sure beats $1.89.

  3. Just for you Toy Lady I have posted a recipe for Coke Salad. :)

    And Cricket, yum! I love Coke Icees. What a fab idea!


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