Menu Plan Monday

Last week I made mozzarella and ricotta for the first time.  I am hoping to make that a regular occurrence since the discovery of a local lady who sells raw milk.  (Thank you to Ms. W for taking me through the steps.)  Because of that, I was able to add Toy Lady's She-She-La-La Chicken Crepes to the menu.  They were yummy and very simple to prepare.  
We are gradually adding our activities back into our routine so this week Diva starts back her piano and guitar lessons and I will be making weekly breakfasts for the teachers of her school. 
For this week's cookbook trial, it is another local church one, "A Collection of Our Favorites."
Monday - Chicken & Dumplings and Sweet & Spicy Slaw
Tuesday - Texas Caviar Casserole and Mexican Rice
Wednesday - Buttermilk Biscuits, Eggs, & Sausage
Thursday - Steak, Green Beans, Salad
Friday - Apricot Oatmeal Breakfast Bars (for the teachers) and Date Night
Thanks to Organizing Junkie for making me accountable in my meal planning.