Menu Plan Monday

Because Diva starts back to school this week, I asked her what her favorite meal in the whole world was so we could put it on the menu.  She said, "Your Mac & Cheese with Cabbage and Sausage."  Mmmmm....  Good choice Diva!  And since that particular Mac & Cheese comes from one of my all-time favorite cookbooks I decided to take a week off from trying out books I haven't used and instead utilize one that I have used...a lot.  So much so that the spine is broken, the pages are dirty, and most of the pages fall out if you aren't careful.  That, to me my friends, is a sign of a really good and treasured cookbook.  So if you are in the market for a new cookery book (or just want to feed a cookbook addiction) Texas Ties is wonderful!  We have awarded nearly every recipe that we have tried from this book (and we have tried many) pluses and only a couple plus/minuses but no minuses at all; that is impressive. 
Here is the Menu Plan Monday back to school edition for Team Moppins:

Monday - White Chili w/ Crackers & Veggie Sticks
Tuesday - Pork Chops w/ Herbed Oven Rice & Green Bean Casserole
Wednesday - Mixed Greens w/Lump Crab Meat
Thursday - Triple Cheese Macaroni & Cabbage w/Sausage (Diva's favorite)
Friday - Date Night

As always, this is part of Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday.