Madly in Love Monday

It has been mentioned before that I couldn't boil water when we got married.  Which is not an overstatement, it is a fact.  So while I was trying to figure my way around the kitchen, Engineer endured many hardships. 

Let us hearken back to the days when I thought the easiest way to learn how to cook would be to make casseroles.  That wasn't necessarily a bad plan, I just picked and attempted the worst possible recipes. 

One time in particular I made a corned beef casserole.  
It looked vile.  
It smelled worse.  

We sat down to eat it and after taking one bite, we both started cackling with laughter.  
It was truly the worst thing we had ever eaten.!  

As an experiment, we put ours plates on the floor where our little dog was.  She took one sniff and walked away.  Literally the dog wouldn't even eat it!  

We ended up going out for pizza.

Incidentally, it was in the first phases of my kitchen adventures that we started the plus/minus system in cookbooks.  We needed to make sure that no one in our house would ever be subject to putrid corned beef casseroles of the world again.

Engineer has been and is a great and mostly gracious guinea pig.  

May my strange culinary hits and misses always be met with a willing (and hungry) Engineer on which to try them out.   

1-4-3 EM!


  1. What a great story! It's those shared moments - the ones that *almost* aren't worth remembering, that make the best memories, isn't it?

    Heh - the dog wouldn't even eat it - I've put a few meals like that on the table myself!


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