What's Cooking?

Today my darlings, I have been playing with crab apples.  Although I love the end, the means is no bueno.  Crab apples, in case you are unfamiliar, are little apples about the size of large grapes (some varieties are bigger but I am not working with those varieties today) and they are very very tart.  I really love relishes, chutneys, and jellies made from crab apples but they are really fiddly. 
Today I am in the process of making:
Another batch of Sweet Pickles (they take 8 days to complete and we are on day 3)
A large batch of Fig Preserves (they take 24 hours to complete so they will be canned tomorrow)
Crab Apple Jelly
Marrow Pickles (working on them right now)
Tomorrow my cousin is coming over and we are going to try our hand at making Crab Apple Wine. 
I love summertime and all the bounty it brings.  You would think that I would not want to ever look at another cucumber, fig, or crab apple after being up close and personal with them for weeks on end during the summer.  Not so, I enjoy the process of canning and I really enjoy knowing that my hostess gifts for the rest of the year and Christmas presents are done.  :)