Wah, Wah, Wah Wastutesy...

(The title should be sung to the 50's Watusy tune but I'm sure you caught that.)
I have not got an ounce of artsy-craftyness in my body so I am always blown away by people who do - and my good friend Wastutesy does.  She and I share a love of frugality, old things, and the love of repurposing stuff.  So when I said that I had some Hard Rock t-shirts that I had collected through my travels but were looking a bit worse for wear and asked could she do something with them this is what she did.  Then she presented it to me for my birthday.   Is it not amazing?! 
I like presents...a lot...but I don't necessarily get giddy over presents.  But when Wastutesy calls and says she is bringing over something, I get really excited.  Mainly because she trolls flea markets, estate sales, etc. and finds the coolest and most unique stuff that is just perfect.  It is even more special though when she takes the time to make something for me.  So thank you Stutesy-Tootsy for a fabulous and personal b-day pressie.


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