While Engineer and I were in Dallas, we tried out a gift certificate from  We had never done that before and had no idea if it would be worth it or not. 
Guess what?  It was!  It was fabulous! 
We tried out an El Salvadorean restaurant for pennies on the dollar.  It gave us a chance to try a cuisine we had never had before with very little risk (we paid $.80 for a $10 gift certificate.) 

If you live near a big city (very few places accept the gift certificates in East Texas) or are travelling to one this summer, consider

If you order a gift certificate between 7/20-7/22 use the code TASTY and pay $3 for a $25 gc.  If you wait until 7/23-7/31, use the code PLATE and pay $2 for a $25 gc.  Make sure you read all of the fine print - each restaurant has its own set of guidelines that you have to follow.   

But man oh man, it could make for a cheap weekend if you get the 2 free Ranger's tickets from Brookshire's then buy a few of these gcs for your meals out...if only you could stay at a hotel for free...