Redbox Rocks!

If you have been around the Pary Moppins blog for any length of time, you may have periodically read a post about a Redbox code.  

Maybe you are thinking, what the heck is Redbox?  Well my lovelies, I'll tell you.  

Redbox is a convenient and cheap frugal way to rent movies.  It is a very simple process whereby you choose a movie, swipe your credit or debit card, gather up your movie, and head home for a movie night.  It is only $1 a night!  

I really like that I can quickly and efficiently choose a movie and have it dispensed with no fuss.  

My one bugaboo with the whole situation is that is has this sun screen over the monitor that is a pain to deal with as you are trying to hold it up with one hand and swipe your card with the other.  It would be a lot better if Redbox had a little screen rest hook at the top of the machine so that you could pull up the shade, conduct your business, and go about your day.
Do give Redbox a try.  You can like Redbox on Facebook and even sign up for mobile alerts.  If you do that, they will text you free codes now and again. 

This post was written for BzzAgent.  I received a free Redbox code to try so I could review the product.  All views and opinions written are my own.