Perfectly Practical #19 - Always Have a Trick up Your Sleeve

Part of being perfectly practical is to always have a trick up your sleeve or in the words of the Boy Scouts of America "Be Prepared."

Actually, that seems like the bottom line of being practical.  So with that in mind, I would like to do something a little differently this week and open the floor to you, my lovely readers.  I want to know what your best tips are for being prepared in whatever situation. 

As an example, in my purse I always carry a pen and notepad.  That way I can take down any info that I may need later, jot down any thoughts before I forget them, or occupy a small child at a restaurant.  I call it my "think pad." 

Or in my pantry I always keep canned tomatoes that can end up as tomato soup, pasta sauce, hot sauce, etc.  It's a super versatile ingredient to always have in the cupboard for a last minute recipe.

See?  It's as easy as that - being intentional and thinking ahead.

Part of Works for Me.