Menu Plan Monday

Welcome to a little piece of Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday

I didn't even to attempt to plan a menu last week because a) we had tons of leftovers that needed to be eaten down and b) Engineer and I were going on a romantic weekend away so between the two, there was no need for me to cook anything.  However, I will be getting back on track with this whole cleaning-out-the-cookbook-shelf thing this week.  Which is the lucky cookbook being tested?  That would be Cookshelf Italian, mainly because I need to use up a lot of Mediterranean ingredients that are growing in our garden.  Also, summer means crazy amounts of canning around here and you can keep up with today's progress here.
Here goes with the week's menu:
Monday - Creamy Tomato Soup & Bell Pepper Salad
Tuesday -  Chilli & Bell Pepper Pasta Salad with Minted Fennel Salad
Wednesday - Pizza with Tomato Sauce and Roasted Red Peppers and Green Salad (from the garden)
Thursday - Eggplant & Tomatoes with Cucumber Salad (from the garden)
Friday - Leftovers I'm sure  :)
Saturday is brunch here at the Little Pink House so I will keep you posted on what gets a plus and what gets a minus from my girlfriends  Have a great week!