Madly in Love Monday

My friend Wastutesy says that vinegar is the smell of summer in my house and she is right. 

Between the pickles, pickled peaches, spiced crabapples, and pickled marrow, my house smells like a vinegar factory. 

The other morning about 6:30am, Engineer came out of the shower and yelled across the house, "What is that god awful smell?!!!" 

I sweetly replied in the most sing-songie voice I could muster on one cup of coffee and at that time of morning, "Vinegar."

I cook with vinegar, clean with vinegar, and have been known to put it in the wash so vinegar is not an unusual smell in the house. 

However, between the sheer volume of vinegar that I have used lately (we are talking gallons) and fact that I have to boil up a huge batch of it everyday, the house smells like vinegar. 

I'm sure that is not the smell that Engineer wants to wake up with and come home to, but that's what he's got until pickling season is over. 

I am madly in love this Monday because the house smells like vinegar and he loves me anyway. 

1-4-3 EM!