June Finals...

June finals look like this:

Total Shelf Cost:  $1,405.12
Total OOP:  $312.21
Savings 78%

So that brings our half year total to $11,359.22 worth of stuff for $2,164.43.  That's a savings of $9,194.79 or 81%! 
How did you do this month?  Or for that matter, for the year thus far? 
I know people wonder why I play this crazy coupon game but it is so that:
I can provide for my family 
To do my part in being a good steward over what I have been given - which is a very limited grocery (read: toiletry, cleaner, gift, restaurant, and anything-else-that-pops-up) budget 
To be able to bless my community out of my abundance 
And the biggie - to do my part in getting us debt free including the house in 7 years or less
Then it will be to save for Diva's college and wedding - oh my gosh!  Did I just write that?  Diva's wedding?  I feel faint...