Bonus Swagbucks for New Members!

Search & Win

You've seen me write about Swag Bucks several times in the past so it is a cryin' shame if you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet.  This summer they have been extra generous with the bucks and from now until 8/15 new members will receive a bonus 40 Swag Bucks for signing up with the code BackToSchool (make sure you type exactly that or copy and paste.)

My tactic for gaining the bucks:

Like I said, I use Swag Bucks for all of my searches instead of other sites.  Also, instead of using my favorites, I will search for Yahoo or Food Network or any other site using Swag Bucks and hope that it wins me a little Swag Buckage.
I installed the Swag Bucks toolbar so I get a Swag Buck a day. 
I vote in the daily poll to get an additional buck a day. 
I click through the no obligation offers and get another buck!
I get an extra buck for clicking on Trusted Surveys and that is after you get bucks for filling out your profiles!  So that's four bucks a day without really trying = 120 Swag Bucks a month. 
You can click on this link and get started on your way to earning those Amazon gift cards!