Perfectly Practical #17 - What in the World Do You Do With All That Stuff?!...

...from the mail?!

You've seen the pictures of the stuff that comes in my mailbox.

You know that Diva is not in diapers and is too old for formula.
Engineer and I don't really need another bottle opener or tons of magazine subscriptions.
So what happens to all of the stuff we don't use?
Isn't that a waste of perfectly good samples?


Here is an example of where some of that stuff goes:

Our friends that were visiting from J.O.E. rented a car and driving from here to San Diego - about 1500 miles.  During that time they needed some basics which I could provide from the samples I got in the mail.

Cereal, first aid kit, popcorn, toothpaste, laundry detergent, teas, even mayonnaise packets have all come in the mail as free samples.  Sample sized items are perfect for traveling since they can just be used and tossed; no bulk.

Magazines are another great item that was put in their box-o-goodies for the loooooong journey to California.  Plus, instead of spending a day trolling around shops because they had to pick up basics, they could troll around shops because they wanted to pick up lovely things for the grandbabies back home.  :)

Generally, once I get enough of one type of item (baby stuff for instance) in the mail, I will bag it up and take it down to a charity like the local women's health center or give it to friends.  Magazines can be given to hospitals or prisons.  Sample sized toiletries that come in the mail are welcomed at places like The Ronald McDonald House.

So no, the samples from the mail never go to waste and are actually very useful.  For an ongoing list of freebie stuff for your mailbox check out The Freebie Blogger.

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