Perfectly Practical #16: What in the World Do You Do With All That Stuff?!...

There is no need for diaper changing mats around here...
...the stuff you don't need?!

Okay so Engineer and I don't need Polident (yet) and we have some serious problems if we need 23 bottles of Dulcolax in the house at any given time so what do we do with all of that stuff?

For example:

We take boxes of Polident, laxatives, medicine boxes, knee highs, etc. down to nursing homes.
Diva & I will go take the box to the nurses station and let them dispense the items as they see fit and then Diva will play the piano for them.

They elderly people like seeing youngins around and it gives Diva a chance to practice playing the piano in front of an audience - a very appreciative audience at that.  It's a win/win situation!

So if you find yourself with a whole heck of a lot of items that you aren't going to use, consider taking them to a local charity. 

Just because you don't use something, doesn't mean that some else won't.

Part of Works for Me.


  1. did you come to have that stuff in the first place??

    1. Through matching coupons with sales to get products for free. :)

  2. Good idea! I never cut out the pet food coupons because we don't have a pet - besides some turtles. However, I read a tax article yesterday about deductions including charity and even mileage driving to make a donation! Make sense to do this even if I don't particularly like cats ;)

    1. At the time of taking that picture up top, we didn't have a cat. We would take the cat food that we got free after sales/coupons down to the animal shelter. Great ideas!

  3. that's a very generous thing to do...and teaching your daughter a great lesson. Good job mom.

    stopping by from Pin It Tuesdays...have a good day

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