New Plan for What's Cooking

Hi.  My name is Pary and I am an addict.  I am addicted to recipes.
I have too many hundreds a few cookbooks and although I like to use them as they were intended, I also like them as social commentary and a link with past generations.  (It wasn't until my Maw-maw let me have some of her old cookbooks did I realize that she and I had a similar systems with trying out recipes; I use pluses and minuses and she used check marks.)  Cookery books make excellent bedtime reading too...very sweet dreams indeed.  :)
I have noticed a trend though that I have been picking up cookbooks/recipes from the library, blogosphere, Food Network,, and have numerous virtual recipe boxes on various other sites.  At some point, I have to stop collecting and start doing something with them or begin purging. 
I have decided that I would pick a random cookbook or set of recipe cards and make at least five things from them.  This way, if the consensus at the Little Pink House is that we do not like the recipes in the book or stack of cards, I can get rid of them and make room on the shelf for more books.  I have no idea if this will work or not but it's worth a shot.  Just wait until we get to the all cookie or all chocolate books.....maybe I should start with those....


  1. Pary, if you think you have a lot of cookbooks, just wait until your mother gives part of her three tubs of cookbooks to you and your sister-in-law!!!!


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