Madly in Love

Engineer is a great stabilizer. 

When life at the Little Pink house gets a little topsy-turvy it is Engineer who brings balance and calm. 

Since there was so much going on this weekend we didn't have a lot of time together where we could talk or just bask in each other's presence (I have friends that are gagging now at that last statement.) 

Early Sunday morning Engineer grabbed up our coffees and suggested that we sit on the swing for a little while. 

I so appreciate him reminding me that the Sunday morning routine and party clean-up and prep and would wait so that he and I could just have some time together talking, relaxing, dreaming, and looking over the yard of which he has worked so diligently.

Thank you EM for keeping me grounded and calm and for loving me even when I am not. 

1-4-3 EM!