Madly in Love Monday

The above clip is a lady called Jeanne Robertson. 

I saw this clip on Cherry Picker's website and thought it was great - mainly because I can identify with her. 

Actually, Engineer and I can identify with both her and her husband respectively. 

He is a smarty pants (you can't be a dumb bunny and be an engineer you know) and I can see that scenario happening with fact, I'm a very similar thing has happened to us before. 

The thing I am Madly in Love with is that even though Engineer has a genetic tendency to let his Irish temper out now and then, it blows over very quickly.  It's like adding vinegar to baking soda - you get an instant major reaction then it just fizzles out almost as quickly. 

So even though Engineer has come home with multiple items just like "Left Brain" does in this clip, and was rather annoyed with me, it took him all of 10 seconds to calm down again. 

I really appreciate that about Engineer; he doesn't stay mad.  He doesn't hold grudges.

1-4-3 EM.