Lady Bugs in my Fridge and other Random Info

Howdy folks!  Just because it is summer doesn't mean that life at the Little Pink House slows down that much.  I'm sure it's the same at your house.  I just thought I would share a few random tidbits with you just for fun:

1.  While in Walgreens yesterday having a grand ol' time hunting for bargains (by the way they have girls' tights for $.85 on clearance and were supposed to be marking down a bunch of socks of all sizes to 75% off) one of our dear friends from college called and said she and her family were going to be with us Sunday and Monday.  This is the same friend who is the photographer and took that profile picture.  She is amazing and if you could hear her sing....aahhhh beautiful!  We are looking forward to that but have to put the housecleaning on hyperdrive - in fact, what the heck am I doing at the computer when I should be scrubbing floors!!!

2.  Our garden is in full force and is looking beautiful (which is why the bunnies and other varmints are loving it grrr...) but we are having a slight problem with some aphids and tiny bugs on the roses and a couple of other plants.  As our garden is organic, we (I say we, but I mean I, since Engineer is a bit cheesed off with the bugs eating his precious roses and wants to blast them off the face of the earth with some sort of face melting chemicals) want to use natural ways of keeping down bugs.  Because of that, I now have 2000 lady bugs laying dormant in my fridge; that's something you don't see everyday my friends.

3.  The coupon I mentioned yesterday from Brookshire's will work at Super One (because they are sister stores) and Super One has Food Club Charcoal for $4.48 and after the coupon that would be 2 at $2.24 each.  In other Super One bargains:  Fritos, Cheetos, or Fritos Dips are $1.78, fresh green beans are $.88/lb. 2lb. punnet of strawberries is $3.98, red or green bell peppers $.68 each, red or green grapes are $1.68/lb., Ro-tel is $.88, and Kraft Cheese is $1.47 (and if you have one of those $1/2 blinkies from awhile ago they would be 2 at $.97 each.

4.  Make sure you check the calendar for local events happening and if you know of any, please let me know so that they may be added.  Lots of things happening tomorrow for instance and it is VBS-a-rama next week so don't forget to take a look.

5.  We have celebrated Diva's birthday all week this week in some way or another but the biggest celebration so far was with my parents who surprised her with flowers, the most awesome cake in the world, and pressies (of course.)


  1. i don't suppose you went to greenville college in illinois? i have a girlfriend that went there, loves photography, and can sing like an angel! her name is jaime.

  2. No, we didn't go out of state to school but how funny. :)


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