Wonderful Wednesday #13 - Hospitality

Mrs. Burt is an expert hostess.  Honestly, she should write a book.  She could invite folks over on the fly and whip up a lovely tea in no time at all.

Her secret?  Besides being taught everything there is to know about serving a proper tea by her Scottish maiden aunts, her reception rooms are always clean and she always has certain things on hand.

She always has several sorts of biscuits (cookies to you or me) on hand as well as some sort of cake.

She is a very gracious hostess and is thoroughly impressive. 

Once, my parents and Aunt & Uncle were in J.O.E. visiting us and we stopped by completely unannounced.  Mrs. B. asked us to come in and within two minutes had steaming cups of tea and platefuls of biscuits and cakes out for us.  We expected nothing but were so blessed by her hospitality.  From her, I learned to keep my front rooms clean and always have food on hand just in case someone drops by. 

With love to the whole Burt family.

By the by, it was the Burt family that introduced us to the fabulous tea room on top of the cliff.  In fact, I'm pretty sure they introduced us to most of the tea rooms that we tried.