Wonderful Wednesday #12 - Sampford Peverell

Tis the month of Maying....or U.K.ing....  :)  In keeping with that theme, I would like to share why the little village where we lived is so wonderful. 
We had an active pantomime (drama) troupe, a beautiful play park for kiddos, a fantastic pub, a canal where you could walk all the way to neighboring towns and villages, a village choir, an 11th century church that was one of the few churches to have all stained glass windows, a wonderful farm shop, a quaint primary school, an active village hall, an unbelievably well organized village historical society, a neat little post office, school fetes, the list goes on and on.  One of my favorite attributes of the village is that it is full of quirky people (we really like quirky people) and seemed to fit right in as best Texans can in an environment where you aren't considered local until you are at least 4th generation.
This was taken at the Sampford Peverell Fair.  It was (somewhat) historically accurate complete with melodrama and little girls selling posies.

These are pictures of the canal that ran through the village and actually ran right behind our house.  So in the mornings, I could look out my window to see the sheep grazing on the hills and the swans swimming with their signets down the canal.   I cannot believe that anywhere on earth was more beautiful in the morning than Sampford Peverell. 

This house (the building on the right) was apparently owned by someone important back in the day because they had their own chapel next to the house (the building on the left.) 
People compain about the smallness of Marshall, how there is nothing to do and how slow life is.  Well Honey, if you had lived in a village, you would think Marshall a large bustling town full of choice and plenty to do.  It all depends on perspective.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!  :)