Wonderful Wednesday #11 - Bill & Chrissie (U.K. to U.S. version)

Today Diva's Godparents fly into DFW for their first visit to Texas.  We haven't seen them in about 18 months so we are exceedingly excited to have them as our guests.  Bill & Chrissie could very well be the topic of Madly in Love Monday or Perfectly Practical Tuesday because they embody those as well but since they are coming in on Wednesday, it just seems fitting to have them here.
Bill and Chrissie became our surrogate parents while we were in England.  It was Chrissie who had to field the question on how to bake potatoes.  On my 25th birthday I had a "wobbly moment" over getting old (I'm rolling my eyes at that too) and took birthday cake into Bill's music shop for some cheering up.  Chrissie kept Diva for many years once a week so that I could go into work to do payroll.  They both were so kind to us and accepting.  Chrissie pointed out to me that perhaps I should reconsider calling a child a booger (as often we do in the south) because it sounded like the word "bugger" which is a dirty word in England.  I wondered why all of the old ladies faces turned red in church when I said that Diva was a little booger.  Dearie me...
Diva sees their sons as her brothers and even said once how excited she was when B & C's first grandchild was born because now she had a godneice.  If there was ever a need, B & C filled it.  They were always quick to have any of our international guests over for Sunday Roast.  Our guests were only too happy about that as well since Chrissie is a fantastic cook.  We are so grateful to them and love them and their ever growing family dearly. 
I will add one last thing:  Mrs. Chrissie, if you are reading this, would you consider making Engineer a pavlova?  Readers:  if she agrees, I will attempt to take pictures of the process but the finished product, well if Engineer has anything to do with it, I will need a super high speed camera in order to get the photo; it will be gone in a flash!