What's Cooking?

I am still trying to get the freezer stocked back up and really, I need to be in overdrive seeing as Diva is out of school for the summer starting Friday and I know that means snack-o-rama around our house for Diva and all the neighborhood kiddos.  Plus, I always need fuel for our "cookie ministry." 

I am also on a mission to have more readymade home cooked breakfasts and snacks stashed.  We don't eat that much prepackaged stuff anyway but cereals and snacks are our biggest culprits.  I am hoping to tackle breads (biscuits, tortillas, pitas, etc...baby steps...)

Mini Banana Bread Loaves
Have I mentioned before that these are Engineer's specialty?  Actually, he makes a pretty mean cheesecake as well, as long as I make the crust.  :)

Brownie Cups

Mini Cranberry Pumpkin Bread Loaves
This recipe was found on the back of the Deerfield Farms dried cranberries' box and it is yummy!

Mrs. Wilma's Oat Muffins
We have a Canadian friend who is of Scandinavian decent and is a wonderful baker.  These muffins are so yummy and healthy.

Mrs. Salmi's Cookies
This time they were made with cherry chip cake mix and chocolate chips.

Date Nut Cake
This recipe came from the 1980 Southern Living Cookbook.

Now, that should take care of snack, cookie ministry, and breakfast needs for a little while.