Perfectly Practical #14 - Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Oh my gosh!  I cannot stress the importance of this particular practicality. 

There is one attribute that the English seem to be born with that we as Americans don't seem to have in spades and that is being comfortable in our own skin.

All of our friends could be mentioned here because they all are quite solid in themselves but one family sticks out among the rest and that is the Posh family. 

The Poshs are the most down-to-earth lovely "get stuck in" kinda folks.  Mrs. Posh would be equally comfortable speaking with the upper crust as to be scrubbing a toilet in the village school (both of which she does on a regular basis.) 

She always has a hair band, a hankie, a safety pin, and a clothes pin with her at all times - the latter two usually fastened on her shirt.  I can't tell you how many times those items have come in handy while out and about with her.  She is wonderfully perfectly practical but that is not why she is featured here today. 

Mr. & Mrs. Posh have set an example for their beautiful children to be happy with who they are.  There is a most freeing and comforting feeling that exists when one can just be themselves.  Everyone around them is more relaxed because no one is worried about trying to be someone that they are not.

Mr. & Mrs. Posh and all five (yes I said five which is almost unheard of in JOE) of their children are a joy to be around.  And each of them has a servant's heart about them - they do a lot for others with very little if anything in return. 

Their eldest daughter was Diva's babysitter and their two boys visited us soon after we arrived stateside and were lovely and thoughtful guests (who would ever think that 2 teenage boys would be described as lovely and/or thoughtful guests) as well as being wide-eyed and hilarious. 

Posh daughter #2 takes so much after Mrs. P in her selflessness.  I don't think I have ever seen a child with so much compassion and willingness to serve.  The youngest daughter is lots of fun and has a sweet spirit. 

We had the privilege of watching these kids grow into young ladies and gentlemen and miss them all.  They are all very distinct in their personalities but the unifying element is their confidence. 

They don't put on airs. 

They don't pretend. 

They relish the person that God made them and they have been a perfectly practical blessing to us.

With much love to you all Hirst Family!

Part of Works for Me.