Perfectly Practical #12 - Frozen Milk (English Edition)

Frozen milk?  Frozen milk you say?  What in the world?  Don't you mean freeze dried milk?  Nope. 

Frozen milk - it may be one of the best ideas we ever learned from our British friends.

We have a couple of friends who are desperately English, not British, ENGLISH; there is a difference. 

In fact, you simply must read the next part of this article in your best Julie Andrews voice to get the full effect of their Englishness: 

Now then, they always have cups of tea in the morning and in the evening when hubby comes home from work.  They would agree there is no other way to drink a lovely cuppa than with milk and sugar (if you must.)  Never cream, powdered milk, or lord forbid you defile the most noblest of drinks with lemon.  Chaos would most certainly ensue if one does not have milk in the morning.  So my very practical (the English are you know, very practical indeed) friends always, always have a jug of milk in the freezer so that there is a spare on hand if a milk emergency arises.

What a brilliant idea!

So when milk gets marked down, I pick up several jugs at a time and throw them in the freezer so that we too, are prepared in case of a milk emergency. 

Leave it to our British counterparts to enlighten us in such matters.

Much love to you all Baker Family!

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