Madly in Love Monday

I love Engineer Moppins - every one knows that. 

He is my soul mate, my provider, my lover, and most importantly he is my best friend. 

Periodically he has to go on business trips and there ain't no sunshine when he's gone...well, okay, there actually was quite a lot of sunshine literally while he was away this time but that's not the point. 

The point is that Engineer and I are a team and when part of that team is not present everyone suffers. 

I am just completely out of whack a bit off on those days when we don't see each other and I know he feels the same when I'm not around. 

He'll even come home from work some days and say that he missed me and that's just a normal work day, so you can imagine how insufferable we were when while we were engaged and I went off to Europe for 3 weeks without him.  Our poor friends and family were stuck with mopey half versions of us.  Thank you friends and family for loving us through it.

It's so important to us that Diva sees that married people are not just folks honoring a commitment (which is very commendable) but also people who yearn to be around each other. 
Who are a so connected that they mourn that time lost without each other.
A married couple who not just love but like and bring out the best in each other.

I pray that for Diva. 

That her future husband will hardly be able to wait to get home to see her and that to him there won't be any sunshine when she's gone.

1-4-3 EM!